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Aloft Hotel Harlem: The People

When Starwood’s Aloft Hotel brand decided to open a New York outpost they made history, choosing to put it in the heart of Harlem. As the first hotel to be opened in the historic neighborhood in 50 years it was bound to be more than just another place to stay. Starwood wanted to make sure the new Aloft was a part of Harlem and hired us to show everyone how.

Aloft Hotel Harlem @ The Apollo

Starwood’s Aloft Hotel brand chose to open its first New York City location in Harlem and since Aloft is all about being a try part of the communities they build in, that meant a little bit different way to hire the staff. Aloft chose an open call at the historic Apollo Theater and asked use to capture the day on video. The fun vibe made it a must-see for travel reporters looking to tell the Aloft Harlem story.

Cuties Hit New York

Every mom west of the Mississippi knows all about Cuties — those amazingly sweet and juicy little easy-to-peel oranges that kids (and the rest of us) love. So when Cuties made the move east, they brought their launch party to Times Square, invited then-CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, Sherry Shepard from The View, and the 9-year-old Twin Chefs Lilly and Audrey Andrews and then opened the doors to hundreds of moms and kids for a day of games, demonstrations and, of course, Cuties! We captured everything for a fast-turnaround VNR, b-roll packages, and interviews.

Lincoln Ristorante: A Look Inside

Lincoln Ristorante is a showcase. The jewelbox wedge that seems to cut through the Lincoln Center plaza like a angular submarine surfacing is one the finest works designed by renowned architects Diller, Scofidio & Renfro. The cuisine created is by Jonathan Benno — the former Chef de Cuisine at Per Se — who treats his locally-sourced ingredients like works of art unto themselves. The reviews since it opened in 2010 have focused on the team’s exquisite delivery on the promise of Italian food treated with the kind of respect reserved for the cuisine of their French neighbors. This is one a series of videos that helped launch Lincoln’s food, drink and style to the world.

Aloft Harlem Hotel Opening

When Starwood’s Aloft Hotel brand decided to open a New York outpost they made history, choosing to put it in the heart of Harlem. That was historic enough but Aloft asked us to create a memorable video press kit that the travel media would remember. So we created a series of videos with a fun TV sitcom vibe and then places them on a flash drive in the shape of an electronic Aloft room key.